Office Desk Screens and Partitions

A great way to maximise productive working areas, our comprehensive range of desk screens and free standing office partitions has evolved in response to market demands.

Available in a multitude of colours to match any office colour scheme, each screening range has been designed with specific features to meet practical, functional, visual and economic requirements.

All of our desk screens offer a stylish solution at a reasonable price, with no compromise on quality and are complemented by freestanding office screens which allow you to create flexible and practical workstations that encourage team working, yet also allow a degree of personalisation for your staff.

Whatever the type of desk screen or office partition you require, at Hunts we can certainly offer the screening solution to suit your existing office design.

Division Desk Screen Range
This range is a natural progression from the linking desk screen through the addition of a plastic or aluminium trim. The unique multi-positional linking method enables adjustment at intersections whilst maintaining screen modularity.

Reflection Desk Screen Range
A desk-mounted and floor-standing desk screen and office partition system, Reflection is designed with a discreet aluminium framework to produce a fabric-to-fabric effect. The heights of the installation can be altered with the simple addition of stacking height extension panels.

Elevation Desk Screen Range
A dedicated office desk screen system designed to attach to all furniture designs. To complement its use in this form, floor-standing partitions are also available.

Attraction Desk Screen Range
A desk-mounted and floor-standing screen system designed with a reduced aluminium framework that still offers robust mechanical linking that ensures easy re-configuration and a good level of future-proofing.

Connection Desk Screen Range
High and low floor-standing cable-managed screens providing individuals with segregation whilst maintaining a good level of interaction, acoustic privacy and visual communication.

Formation Desk Screen Range
An elegant screen system for today’s ‘soft office’. Formation is completely free-standing with remarkable ease of installation and re-configuration. It’s seamless integration with reflection and addition provides a complete workspace screen solution.

Partito Desk Screen Range
Thanks to Partito Rail and Shelf, users can make better use of vertical space, enhancing organisation and creating a balance between privacy and collaboration. In combination with the 1+1 Organisation tools, the user can personalise his or her desk.

Reception Desks and Counters

Reception Desks and Counters

First impressions do count and when choosing a reception desk it’s important that it reflects your company’s style and interior. Our reception ranges come in a variety of veneers and laminates, finished with highlights of contemporary chrome and glass. The designs range from modern to traditional styling ensuring that we have something to suit your needs, however your office space is designed.
We source all our reception desks and counters from the UK and Europe to ensure reliability of supply and consistency of pricing – you can be assured that the prices we offer you are full and complete, with no hidden extras or surcharges.
Whatever your requirements, at Hunts we certainly have the right choice, as the first impression your reception makes on a visitor is often the most important one.

Factory Reception Desks

Factory is a new range of stylish and modern reception furniture, available in many modular shapes and sizes. Italian designed reception counters with a sensible price point, make this a great choice.

Evolution Reception Desk Range

Evolution is a superb range of reception counters suited to any office. With a wide range to choose from, ranging from the classic wooden counters of the Eclypse and Classic ranges and the sel-colour Elite to the brand new, minimally styled Light and Xpression ranges featuring lightboxes employing low energy consumption LED lighting to illuminate the front panel with a remarkably clean and even glow.
With a wide variety of finishes from plain colours to woodgrain you can let your imagination run wild and explore more interesting and imaginative finishes such as textured aluminium, stone, leather or corporate graphics and photographic images.

Ultimate Veneer Reception Desk Range

A modular reception desk system using 38mm thick tops with solid timber edges giving a solid or lighter look depending upon the edge design and veneer selected. These reception counters have great flexibility of design, with a vast choice of shape & size combinations lending itself to any number of layouts, creating an individual look and a strong corporate image.

Buronomic Reception Desks

Create your reception desk to your own measurements by assembling the modular elements of the Buronomic Bienvenue range, equipping them with worktops or by adding storage cabinets. Bienvenue is a hugely flexible range of classic wooden reception counters that allows you to create the exact layout you require. Available in a range of wood finishes: Beech, Cherry and Wenge.


Discover Burocolor, the new contemporary range of reception desk from Buronomic. Choose coral, pistachio, aluminium, with MFC black or MFC beech finish to brighten up your office! Complete your reception installation with matching storage units equipped with either Structurex or metal shelves.

Office Desks Have Been Specifically Selected for Elegance

Office Desks
Our office desks have been specifically selected for elegance, resilience and adaptability. Our ranges are available in various designs and sizes and to suit all budgets, with choices from low cost mfc board, laminates, to modern glass desks and luxury real wood veneers.

We source all our desks from the UK and Europe to ensure reliability of supply and consistency of pricing – you can be assured that the prices we offer you are full and complete, with no hidden extras or surcharges.

Whatever your office desking requirements, at Hunts we will certainly have the right choice for you.

Budget Office Desks
At Hunts, a budget desk means affordable and doesn’t mean a compromise on quality. Our discount office desks provide great value for money and with quick delivery and many colour and style options you will be able to quickly fill your office space within your budget. All our budget desks carry a minimum 5 years guarantee and are made in the UK or Europe.

General Office Desks and Workstations
Our ranges of general office desk are suitable for most office applications. They provide a wide range of flexible solutions in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Most of our desks have integrated cable management, clever leg designs, and offer a wide range of storage, pedestals, screening and accessories to match, making them ideal computer desks or standalone workstations, providing a stylish office desking solution at a reasonable price, and with no compromise on quality.

Bench Desks / Long Desks
Long bench desks provide a great way to fit more desk space into your office and allows for closer cooperation within teams. We have a wide range of bench desks available to allow you to create a flexible working solution, in a variety of leg styles, top finishes and price points. Also available are a wide variety of matching desk screens and storage units to complete the installation.

Executive Desks
Our managerial and executive desks offer sophisticated styling in a wide range of designs. Whether you are looking for a classic wooden desk, or a modern contemporary Italian glass design, our executive desks make the perfect statement either in the home or in the office. Matching under desk storage is also available for most ranges.

Glass Desks
For the ultra-modern executive who wants something which stands out from the crowd, these unique glass top office desks and glass executive desk ranges will change your working day and inspire you. With a wide range of designs to choose from, including the latest modern Italian glass designs, we are sure to have the desk you desire.

Wood Desks
Our large range of wooden office desks and furniture has been carefully selected to suit all styles of office from traditional to modern. Each of our wooden desks is finished in high quality veneer in a wide choice of woods including: Oak, Cherry, Ebony, Wenge. All can by complemented by a superb choice of storage solutions and matching wooden cupboards.

Office Refurbishment – Design and Build

Make more of the space you have

Whether you’ve outgrown your current office or simply need to upgrade your facilities, a well thought-out, professional office refurbishment can create the space you need, revitalize your workplace and increase your company’s productivity… yes, really! All without the stress, expense and disruption of an office move.

It’s certainly not easy to achieve in a full-time, fully working office environment, but we’ve been doing it for over 20 years – we have an enviable track record of successful projects ranging from simple re-fits to complete million pound office refurbishments – so you can depend on us to create you a new and exciting interior whilst you get on with running your business.

Taking you all the way… from concept to completion, from feasibility right through to snagging, with us you need just one company to transform your workplace

Looking after you properly… your dedicated Project Manager/Designer and Account Manager will be with you from initial brief to final handover. No junior staff, no passing your information around; just good, personal service from start to finish

Making the most of your budgets… with a dedicated project manager ‘on your side’ every step of the way, we find you the best solutions, keeping your refurbishment on brief, on time and on budget

Working safely around your people… our people are careful, considerate and fully H&S trained; all our working practices are designed to maintain a safe and healthy environment for you and your staff

Keeping your business running… we’re used to working when you’re working! We stick to our agreed programme, the most intrusive work happens out-of-hours and we’ll be in and out as quickly as we can!

Delivering the wow factor!… after all, if you’ve spent the money, you want people to notice! Our designs, detailing and delivery guarantee you the stimulating, eye-catching workplace you deserve

With our end-to-end Design and Build service, we take complete responsibility for all aspects of your project, making sure that you get exactly what you need at every stage of the process; we genuinely believe it’s the best way to achieve the most practical, innovative, yet cost-conscious solution for your business.

We promise to design you a fresh look, deliver you real organisational change and improve the working environment for you and all your people.

Hunts… office refurbishment made easy!

Home Re-modeler Marketing

Did you know that the internet is becoming one of the most prominent places for women and men to search for a Home Re-modeler? Well over a million searches for beauty Home Re-modelers are conducted every month, and the number is growing! Literally tens of thousands of these people could be in your city! To get a free report on how many people are searching for a Home Re-modeler in your city, fill out our contact us form by clicking here.

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How to Make Sure Your Home Remodeling Project Stays Within Your Budget

Remodeling your home is one of the most dramatic and effective ways to change the look of your house. In fact, short of moving into a different home altogether, it’s the most drastic change your living spaces can undergo. Millions of people choose to remodel their homes every year, and while most of those projects produce fantastic results, others end in a virtual nightmare of extravagant expenses and unfulfilled expectations. How can you make sure that your home remodeling project is everything you want it to be without draining your savings account in the process? Whether you’re redoing the whole house or just a few rooms, check out these tips to make sure your home remodeling journey goes smoothly and stays within your budget:

1. Begin by setting a budget. Be very clear about how much money you’re willing – and, more importantly, able – to spend on remodeling your home. Your budget may be $10,000 or $100,000, but either way it’s important to know your limits and stick to them. If you only have a vague idea of how much you’d like to spend, you’re sure to lose track along the way and end up spiraling out of control.
2. Choose the right remodeling contractor. There are so many different home remodeling contractors out there that it can be difficult to narrow down the field, and even harder to tell the crooks from the competent professionals. A good place to start when you’re looking for a great home remodeling contractor is by asking friends and family members for references. Do you know someone who has recently had his or her home remodeled? Were they pleased with the results? If so, get that name! You’ll also want to ask if your contractor is licensed, how many years of experience he or she has had in the industry, and whether they can provide additional references, if necessary. Above all, trust your gut; if you don’t like one contractor, that’s not the contractor for you.
3. Don’t take the first estimate at face value. Home remodeling estimates can deviate wildly from the final price tag, so don’t just take that initial quote at face value. Instead, ask questions of your contractor. Does their home remodeling estimate allow enough time for the project to be completed? Do they have an accurate idea of the type and quality of materials you want to use? Ask for an itemized list of precisely what is included in that number. Of course, home remodeling estimates are just that – estimates – so you can’t expect them to be set in stone. Still, if your contractor is more than a few thousand dollars off and you haven’t been requesting tons of additional services, you may have been conned.

Successfully remodeling your home is one of the greatest feelings in the world. You have basically revitalized the place in which your family lives and your children will grow up; you have taken the building you know best in the world – your home – and made it new and exciting. But a poorly done home remodeling project could haunt you for years, costing you both time and money. Follow these tips and your wallet and bank account will thank you.

How To Avoid Home Remodeling Contractor Scams

Friendly, acquiescent, low on references and high on demand for immediate payment, if these terms describe your home remodeling contractor, you may be entering a scam. The contractor may have appeared with the lowest quote on your project but you will have to check for the validity of the contractor?s business otherwise you are opening yourself to the risk of high costs over and above the cost of remodeling. The remodeling industry is attractive to people who are looking for low investments and quick returns to tide over their financial difficulties.

License and Insurance
The contractor license is a sure sign of contractor credibility. Carry out a license check with the state license board and ascertain that the contractor is insured. Check for the workers insurance in case of injury on your site. If this is missing, you will be liable to bear the compensation to the worker in the event of an accident. A good home remodeling contractor will be in a position to provide proof of credibility and will understand your need to conduct verification before choosing the services.

Upfront payment
A home remodeling contractor who offers to do the job for you at a comparatively low cost if you make a large first time payment is likely to disappear leaving the work undone. Your percentage of outgo should be under your control till the time the work is satisfactorily completed. It makes long term sense to opt for the higher cost low advance model since your risk in this model is low. Some contractors choose to do this work to earn in times of temporary work setbacks. They are interested in work that provides high returns in a short time frame. Be aware of this before you agree to a high initial payment.

Liability insurance
Contractor?s liability insurance is another way to avoid being defrauded. Many fly by night operators start work without this insurance and place the liability of their errors on the homeowner. Your contractor might make an error that leads to a widespread disaster or loss of utilities for some time. This leads to inconvenience to your neighbors and costs will multiply to mitigate the circumstance. These costs are covered by liability insurance. If the home remodeling contractor is unable to provide ready proof of insurance, avoid the services of the contractor.

Terms of contract
A home remodeling contractor will provide you with a contract before starting the work. Read the contract carefully since a three day lag time is provided between the time you receive the contract and the contractor starts work. It is advisable to go through a few contracts to check whether the contract is designed to lead you to higher undisclosed expenses and whether it is in line with market practice. The contract will cover specific subjects like the scope of the assignment and aspects that are not covered. This provides you with an understanding as to whether your purpose is being fulfilled. In case of a dispute, the contract should be appropriately reworded before the assignment starts.

The Truth about Home Remodeling Costs

Let?s face it. No amount of responsible budgeting will help you figure out just how much the whole remodeling costs will work out to be. Before you know it, your home remodeling costs have hit the roof, and many a times, gone through it. Before you draw out your budget for home remodeling, you must also give the ?hidden costs? a look over.

Estimates are Wrong
This is a common enough occurrence. Your home remodeling contractor will give you an estimate. So, you have a figure in your mind, around which the home remodeling costs should revolve. However, once the work starts, the contractor begins to realize that his earlier estimate was on the lower end of the scale. The work is much harder and the costs start to increase. One must understand that the contractor is not trying to take you for a ride but has no option but to increase the costs.

Say, the shingle of the house need to be replaced. However, if the roofing contractor finds decayed wood beneath the tile, the contractor also needs to replace the wood.

Upgrades Might Be Costly
It?s important to remember that upgrades are usually a costly exercise. Your home remodeling costs will see an upward spiral if midway through the renovation process, you want to makes some changes to your choice of flooring or the various assorted fixtures. Unless you have chosen your manufacturer beforehand, you could make an expensive choice and thus increase the total cost of home remodeling.

The Building Supplies
There is also a chance that your home remodeling costs could escalate as a result of the fluctuating price of the building supplies. If your home remodeling is going to take a long period of time, there might be a case wherein, you might have to pay more for your building supplies. Herein, an estimate made several month ago, might see a sea change when it comes to the figures. It?s important that, when the contractor offers you an estimate, that you ask him whether the costs mentioned are subject to change or not.

The Permit Fees
Many home owners fail to take the permit fees into account while estimating their home remodeling costs. They might want to make a few changes to the existing structure of the property, which would require permits like the building permit. There are various permits that one might have to buy, with respect to the overall project. Another aspect is the application fees that accompany the cost of the permit. More often than not, the permit costs are related to the cost of the project.
It must be remembered that the hidden costs of the projects are hidden in a variety of places. However, these hidden costs might manifest themselves if you read the contract properly and understand it. Moreover, make sure that your understanding with the contractor is such that you are told immediately when the home remodeling costs go up. Also, anticipation is the key. Keep inquiring about the costs and whether the contractor is on track with the original estimate.

The Best Home Remodeling Idea

You are going to invest a truckload of money in your home remodeling endeavour. Therefore, it?s important that you zero in on the best home remodeling idea, in order to make the best use of your home remodeling budget. So how do you get those remodeling ideas that can help you zero in on one?

Through the Television
Arguably it?s the television that will present you with the best resource for the best home remodeling idea. There are a number of programs on air that talk about remodeling ideas for your home. Real homeowners whose houses have undergone renovation also talk about their successes and failures, as well as, offer tips on idea selection. Moreover, the television is also a fertile ground for nurturing ideas. The various lifestyle programs on television will give a plethora of ideas that you could then rework according to your needs and requirements.

The Next Door Neighbor
Don?t take this sub-heading too literally. However, a great home remodeling idea is just a stone?s throw away. Just ask around. Your neighbor might just come up with a good idea. You could even ask your friends and family for their suggestions. At the end of the day the decision to incorporate any idea remains yours. The perspective of the third party is also essential to get a good idea going.

The Building Supplies Shop
You could also get a good home remodeling idea or two from the shop or center that sells building supplies or any other supplies that are used for renovation purposes. Such shops or centers are staffed by a variety of people, who have expertise in various aspects of home remodeling. Therefore, it would be a good idea to bounce off your ideas on them, and get some ideas from them. Moreover, one could also make use of the various displays that are a part of the stores and generate an idea around them. You, as someone looking for ideas, can take a look at the display of textures, fittings and accessories and think about a design that you would like to incorporate.

Other Projects
What better way to get a home remodeling idea than another remodeling project that you come across. You could also generate ideas by looking at other homes in the vicinity or homes that you have been to. You could also base your projects on the various centers of recreation and hospitality that you have used and appreciated. For e.g., if you are going to build a recreation room in your home, then you could have a design similar to the health club or recreation center that you visit regularly.
A home remodeling idea also needs to rework around the budget you have in mind. You might just hit upon a fascinating design and model for your home, but you might not have the budget to go forward on such a design. However, you could tweak the design and bring it under the purview of your budget.

Patio Remodeling Creates This Retreat

Every home needs a place to retreat. A patio creates this retreat. Adding a patio the current residence is appealing and adds the value of the home. Any style of patio can be appreciated by everyone.

Patios placed directly near the kitchen or dining room create an additional place to have gatherings or simply enjoy the weather. With the summer months to have a refuge from the inside and to be able to enjoy the beautiful weather, patios create a personal paradise. In the winter months, a patio can offer a beautiful place for the viewers to watch the elements and the changes of the seasons.

There are different ways to create the perfect patio. It can be a concrete slab or a wood deck. Adding accessories to the patio area create a place of pure enjoyment for the entire family. Whether entertaining a large crowd or a small group of friends, patios create a unique atmosphere for any occasion. The appeal of a patio ranges from having a place to entertaining, or to simply relax.

Patios have many benefits for entertaining guests outside. Sharing a barbeque with family or friends would create unforgettable memories. Holding an outside party for the children has a nicer environment and allows the children the freedom of playing in the nearby yard.

Enjoying the quiet evening outside on the patio after a long stressful day is appealing to everyone. Nothing is like sitting under the stars to really appreciate nature in the privacy of the backyard.

Add plants or even a small garden to enhance the splendor of the patio. Add a small fountain and listen to the gently rushing water for a peaceful effect. Even add a hot tub to take the pleasure of the patio to a higher level. Create a piece of paradise in the backyard.

Think about sitting outside in the backyard in a beautiful surrounding by adding lights to enhance the atmosphere. Add lawn chair or furniture and expand the living area of the home to include the outside world.

Adding a patio to the current homestead adds to the value of the home. It can be constructed by the entire family and using each individuals ideas to personalize the project. By taking all the ideas of the family into consideration when planning the patio, it adds to the attraction and meaning of the patio when finished.

There are different ways to create the perfect patio. It can be a concrete slab or a wood deck. Adding accessories to the patio area create a place of pure enjoyment for the entire family.

For a low cost a homeowner can create a custom piece of paradise where many wonderful memories can happen.