A mini air compressor is one of those things that you will never really not need – it comes in handy for many little tasks that you get to do yourself, and it makes them so much easier.
It’s basically a small pump, but that is really easy to use. The typical, old model home use pump will require a lot of pulling and pushing and huffing and puffing. Not a mini air compressor; it runs on battery and all you have to do is keep it charged and it will inflate anything that needs pressure in it.
Its ideal for many different kinds of home use as well; at home, you can use it to do many things. You will get to use it in your car, and it’s a must have if you are going on road travel or camp.
Let’s see 8 different scenarios where a mini air compressor will make the difference:
If you have kids, you know the grief of a leaky football, or any ball for that matter. With a mini compressor, these are so easily and swiftly fixed that they stop having to get you to go to the gas station each time.You may have inflatable mattresses that you are afraid to deflate because you are not sure how you will inflate it again. They end up taking a lot of room when you could easily have deflated it and put them away. A mini air compressor will allow you to inflate them easily again, so that you don’t have to worry about deflating.Again, this is for those with children. You realize that you throw out many toys because the moment they deflate, they are useless and you’re not particularly bothered to carry them along with you as you go out to have them refilled. A mini air compressor will help you here.A mini air compressor is just as important as jumper cables or a flash light in your car.

You know the grief of changing a flat. With a compressor, simply re-inflate the flat tire the drive SLOWLY to the nearest gas station where someone will change the tire for you. Its especially wise if you are going long distances or along deserted stretches that do not have establishments along the way.If you are going camping, you’ll need to inflate this or that – camping equipment is usually collapsible and a lot of it will require you to get air in it before you can use it. A mini air compressor is a must take-along.If you have a boat, its advisable to have one of these on any time you set out for sea. It’s nice to know that should you need your raft and it has a leak, you can fix it.The same goes for white-water rafting. All that swishing and bumping may cause your raft to lose air, so make a point of having one handy.For party decorations, you can get a mini air compressor to work for you if you want to inflate some of the decorations.
As you can see, the uses are many. It’s definitely one of those handy tools that you should have close to you at all times. They come pretty small so transporting it back and forth should not be a hustle. They are also pretty cheap – they range from $20 for a good one, although there are some pretty expensive models out there.
You will charge the battery through any electricity outlet, but many of them can be charged in the car by the cigarette lighter outlet.
A mini air compressor is one way of making sure that you are always prepared and also saving yourself time and the expense of repurchasing items that you would have simply re-pressurized.

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