For versatility and practicality in a variety of drilling situations, a cordless drill power tool is essential. There are various kinds of cordless power drills with different features and prices. The important things to consider are functionality and performance in relation to the type of usage you require it for.

A cordless power drill of 12 volts is ample for most woodwork drilling and these drills are small and light. More powerful drills of 24 and 28 volts are much heavier and are generally only needed by contractors. Lithium Ion batteries allow the drill to have more torque while lasting longer on a charge. The best cordless drill models have variable speeds for greater control when working with different materials. Most cordless power drills have a keyless chuck ranging in size from 3/8”-1/2”, depending on the capacity you need. Having a clutch gives you greater control of the depth to which screws are driven. For increased user comfort, a textured and contoured T grip handle is best. Cordless power drill tools can be purchased for $60-$300 depending on the brand, voltage and features.

The Panasonic cordless drill EY6432GQKW has been recommended as the best overall cordless power drill tool for its performance, comfort and value. It weighs 4.8 lbs and is a compact 8 3/16” in length, while a 15.6 volt driver delivers 390 inch/pounds. A variable speed setting ranges from 0-400/0-1300 rpm. It has an eighteen stage clutch and heavy-duty keyless chuck. A contoured rubber grip reduces user fatigue and is ideal for both right and left-handed users. The kit includes two NiMH battery packs, charger and case for $199, and comes with a one year warranty.

The best professional drill is the cordless drill Makita LXT BDF451. It is powered by an 18 volt Lithium Ion battery and weighs only 4.4 lbs. This cordless drill power tool delivers 560 inch/pounds and has a three speed transmission of 0-300, 0-600 and 0-1700 rpm. Known for their ergonomic design in home improvement tools, this cordless drill Makita tool is very comfortable. A $280 kit contains two batteries, charger, tool belt clip, bit holder, screwdriver bits and case. There is a three year warranty on the tool.

Voted the best budget drill, the cordless drill Ryobi HJP001K costs $80 with the kit including two batteries, charger and tool bag. Weighing a mere 2.2 lbs this drill is incredibly lightweight. The 12 volt Lithium Ion batteries deliver 0-550 rpm. It has a 3/8” keyless chuck but no adjustable clutch, and a one year warranty.

Another popular tool is the cordless drill Dewalt DW983K with a 14 .4 volt battery that delivers 400 inch/pounds. A three speed setting offers maximums of 450, 1400 and 1800 rpm. This cordless power drill tool has an adjustable clutch with a 1/2” keyless chuck and weighs 5.5 lbs. It provides maximum durability with all-metal gearing and case, and has a non-slip rubber handgrip. The kit can be purchased for $118 and comes with a charger, two batteries and heavy-duty box. The tool is backed by a three year warranty.

One of the most expensive is the cordless drill Bosch 13618 at $306 for the tool, two batteries, charger, magnetic bit holder, double ended bit and side handle. It is powered by an 18 volt Ni-Cad battery delivering 550 inch/pounds. It has two settings with top no-load speeds of 0-450 and 0-150 rpm. This cordless power drill tool is highly durable and has 1/2” chuck, fifteen clutch settings and externally changeable brushes.

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