From the practical needs of homeowners to the demands of the professional tradesperson, home improvement tools are essential for living. Every homeowner can list the endless maintenance, modification and repair jobs regularly carried out, and for plumbers, electricians and framers, their work revolves around having the right tools. This website offers information and advice on a wide spectrum of DIY and tradesperson tools including product reviews and pricing.
The compact, lightweight and portable design of cordless home improvement tools allows you to tackle jobs in difficult places with cordless convenience. While not as powerful as corded tools, they are able to handle a wide variety of jobs from light-duty remodelling to commercial projects.

There are different types of saws suited to various kinds of cutting. Cordless reciprocating saws are used for demolition style work and cordless circular saws are used for cutting straight lines with a spinning blade. For the much finer work of cutting curves and patterns in materials, a cordless jigsaw is best. A cordless nailer is also a great buy if work necessitates repeatedly hammering hundreds of nails.

The best batteries to use with cordless tools are Lithium Ion batteries. They are more expensive but recyclable, have a long shelf-life, are extremely lightweight and perform well in cold temperatures. Manufacturers often sell combination packages with several cordless tools that use the same battery pack. Alternatively, if you already possess other cordless home improvement tools you will want to buy only the bare tool. Also, remember that DIY tools are always necessary regardless of location.

In addition to these tools, there are aids that every homeowner and tradesperson needs. A ladder is one of these essential home improvement tools to reach your areas of work. They can range from a folding step ladder to a telescoping ladder. Both reaching varying heights and some styles are able take on different shapes to reach difficult areas, while having their unique features and functions. To increase your safety while working on a ladder, various ladder parts can also be purchased.

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