We may be living in a paperless age, but there’s still plenty of need for office furniture that offers great storage.
For all offices, storage is an issue. Whether its finance paperwork or spare parts for products; stationery items or IT supplies, there’s always something that needs putting away safely. Managing your business’s storage requirements takes a bit of planning and the right office furniture.
Storage Office Furniture
Every office has its own system when it comes to storing items. Whether your company is heavily paper based and needs a lot of filing space, or you just need accessible cupboards so that staff can keep their personal items out of sight, there’s an office furniture solution for you. Obviously, a manufacturing stores area needs dedicated shelving so that stock can be monitored and re-ordered in time, but for general office needs, there’s a range of good quality office furniture available:
General Office Storage – Most desk ranges have matching storage and filing solutions to compliment their range. We have a selection of storage ranges available from the desk section.
Metal Office Storage and Filing Cupboards – Clever space saving metal office filing and storage solutions, from traditional four drawer filing cabinets to tambour units that are suitable for storing, paperwork, chemicals and hazardous material to comply with health and safety rules.
Post Room Filing and Storage – A selection of module or practical office cabinets or post room shelves, ideal for storing documents, newsletters, magazines and any paperwork for your office.
In addition to these standard storage items, you can also get office furniture that provides on-desk storage or under-desk storage which helps to save space. Whatever you need, assess your office before you buy, because a general storage and cupboard system might be better for you than buying several separate items.
Storage Deals at Hunts Office Furniture
If you’re looking for quality office furniture that gives you the storage options you need, shop at Hunts. We specialise in furniture that looks great and works well, giving you the best of both worlds.

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