A great way to maximise productive working areas, our comprehensive range of desk screens and free standing office partitions has evolved in response to market demands.

Available in a multitude of colours to match any office colour scheme, each screening range has been designed with specific features to meet practical, functional, visual and economic requirements.

All of our desk screens offer a stylish solution at a reasonable price, with no compromise on quality and are complemented by freestanding office screens which allow you to create flexible and practical workstations that encourage team working, yet also allow a degree of personalisation for your staff.

Whatever the type of desk screen or office partition you require, at Hunts we can certainly offer the screening solution to suit your existing office design.

Division Desk Screen Range
This range is a natural progression from the linking desk screen through the addition of a plastic or aluminium trim. The unique multi-positional linking method enables adjustment at intersections whilst maintaining screen modularity.

Reflection Desk Screen Range
A desk-mounted and floor-standing desk screen and office partition system, Reflection is designed with a discreet aluminium framework to produce a fabric-to-fabric effect. The heights of the installation can be altered with the simple addition of stacking height extension panels.

Elevation Desk Screen Range
A dedicated office desk screen system designed to attach to all furniture designs. To complement its use in this form, floor-standing partitions are also available.

Attraction Desk Screen Range
A desk-mounted and floor-standing screen system designed with a reduced aluminium framework that still offers robust mechanical linking that ensures easy re-configuration and a good level of future-proofing.

Connection Desk Screen Range
High and low floor-standing cable-managed screens providing individuals with segregation whilst maintaining a good level of interaction, acoustic privacy and visual communication.

Formation Desk Screen Range
An elegant screen system for today’s ‘soft office’. Formation is completely free-standing with remarkable ease of installation and re-configuration. It’s seamless integration with reflection and addition provides a complete workspace screen solution.

Partito Desk Screen Range
Thanks to Partito Rail and Shelf, users can make better use of vertical space, enhancing organisation and creating a balance between privacy and collaboration. In combination with the 1+1 Organisation tools, the user can personalise his or her desk.

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