When you’re choosing new seating for your office, you need to make sure you get the right types of chair for your staff needs.

For the people in your office, whether they work there every day, or they’re visiting for a meeting, comfort is essential. That means having the right office chairs to suit a variety of purposes. Choosing just one type of chair might be the most economical option, but often gives the wrong impression and will ultimately cost money in replacement chairs and eventually maybe even replacement staff.

Employees who spend their time working at a computer or on the phone need ergonomic chairs that allow them to sit in the same position for several hours without feeling tired. Boardroom and conference chairs might need to be more formal, whilst coffee area or reception seating will be used less and can be more stylish and domestic in design to allow staff and visitors to relax in comfort. Knowing the types of office chair needed in your workplace can help you to buy exactly the right thing, making the best use of your budget:

To help you we have divided our office chair ranges into three broad categories that reflect the generally expected usage, although in practice many of our chairs are suited to multiple applications.

Computer chairs
The design of office chairs has changed over the years as we have become more aware of the physical requirements of seating and as the way we work has developed. No matter what business you are in, a reasonable percentage of your staff will spend their time in front of a computer screen, so they’ll need height-adjustable, ergonomic office chairs that lets them work at the correct height for optimum computer use, and that supports their back, as they won’t need to get up and move around as much.

For that reason, we have categorised our general day-to-day office chairs as computer chairs, although they could equally be described as typist chairs or operator chairs, as most will also be used for a variety of administrative uses in the office. All made in the UK and Europe (no cheap far eastern imports), our computer chairs come in a wide range of styles, colours and configurations and are engineered for reliable and trouble-free daily office use, and are fully guaranteed.

Task Chairs
Task chairs are one step up from the general computer, typist or operator chair. As the name implies, task chairs are intended for longer task use. Task chairs tend to be of more heavy duty design with improved materials and added design features making them more suitable for longer duration tasks in the office.

Executive Chairs
Designed for multi-purpose office use, our executive chair ranges incorporate the most sophisticated features to ensure the comfort of the user over extended periods of time.

24hr Chairs
As the name suggests, 24 hour chairs are intended for users operating either in hard or long task environment, or are necessary for users of above average height or weight. These ergonomic office chairs are designed to spread the user’s weight over an increased surface area, increasing comfort and support to reduce fatigue and maintain staff efficiency over long shifts.

Ergonomic or Orthopaedic Chairs
Although all our office chair ranges are ergonomically designed, providing good lumbar support and comfort, we also have ranges that are specifically engineered to provide higher degrees of ergonomic and orthopaedic support. Spanning all normal office applications, these ergonomic office chairs are designed to provide higher levels of orthopaedic support.

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