The reasons for having an irrigation system today are Down to Earth, in the truest sense..

Our summers are more volatile and can be much fiercer than they were a generation ago.Plants, flowers, shrubs, trees and lawns can represent a significant personal investment, not only in financial terms, but also in the time and care spent in cultivating them.Water is no longer free, its price, in both monetary and ecological terms, is escalating, we should use it as efficiently as possible.
A good borehole based irrigation system will directly address these issues. Today, this is not a luxury, it will conserve, not just your garden and your wallet, but also reduce the load on your water supplier.
Why now?
Spring is on the doorstep, the time to install an irrigation system is now!. A system installed now will help your garden take off and flourish all through this year, and the coming years!
Why us?
Synergy Boreholes and Systems Ltd. have a specialist team to execute large, or small, irrigation projects in conjunction with our water borehole drilling service.
We specialize in complete turnkey projects, giving the client the complete package, from borehole water supply, storage/buffering, through to complex programmable irrigation zones.
Our irrigation team leader has decades of experience in providing irrigation systems for country houses, stately homes, government residences, but also private estates, both large and small.
Garden irrigation systems are not designed using rocket science, therefore, do not pay rocket science rates!. Our experience and sound watering principles will give you an efficient, elegant, comprehensive system, at a reasonable price.
Why are we different?
Only UK company offering rotary borehole drilling, water storage, irrigation, from one partner.We use only the best, e.g. Grundfos borehole pumps, Rain Bird irrigation components.
Our irrigation team leader will personally oversee your project, from the initial design through to commissioning of the installed system.
Our offer and quote will be framed in easy to understand terms
Our price will be fixed, no extras, no addons (unless of course you ask us to do more!)We don’t quibble
We offer a complete, inclusive, fixed price, design service covering all aspects of your garden,, irrigation, storage/buffering, zoning, programming/timing, sprinklers/drip feed.

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