You can’t Go Wrong with Bath and Granite 4 Less

Last week a client of mine ordered a pretty cool granite tile system from a company called Bath and Granite 4 Less. They’re based in Denver Colorado and sell a system I haven’t seen anywhere else called EZ tile.
The EZ tiles are 18′′ wide and 25′′ deep so they cover the entire depth of the kitchen cabinet. What impressed me the most are the bullnosed corners that cap off the countertop.
Every 12×12 that I’ve done has had the sharp corners and that was the only disappointment of my clients. There is no way around it with 12x12s. Even if I round it off, all I have to round off is the thickness of the tile which isn’t much.
I’ve used the product sold at floor and decor but compared to this, floor and decor’s product is no good. Bath & Granite 4 Less’s bullnose edges are 3′′ deep on the inside which prevents them from tipping over. With the floor and decor product I had to tape every single bullnose piece to tiles to keep them from tipping over. It was extremely frustrating and took considerably longer than I had expected.
I’ll recommend another customer to try ordering from Bath and Granite 4 Less, see what happens with the next kitchen.
Unfortunately, the world economy is not growing. It is actually shrinking. This means that real estate sales has coming to a roaring stop in the U.S., U.K. and the rest of Europe. Here are a few tips to improve your chances of selling your home.
• Add insulation in your attic, add exterior wall coatings, and improve your energy rating overall. Brag on the low monthly energy costs in all of your ads and when people come to view your home.
• Paint your home with a color that almost anybody can live with in their home. Wild colors may be your thing, but they can make it twice as hard to sell your property.
• Make sure that the house temperature is extremely comfortable when you are showing the house.
• Carefully landscape the front yard if you have one. This can have an amazing impact on how many people actually schedule an appointment to view the home. Most people will do a drive by of the home before scheduling an appointment. The more people who see your pad, the more likely you are going to sell it in a timely manner and for the price you want.
• Stage your furniture. You can find 100’s of articles on staging a house before it is seen by a potential buyer. You want the buyer to become emotionally attached to the house and see they living there. If they can imagine this picturesque lifestyle, your chances are greatly improved in selling.
The key is to be better than the home down the street. People have options, give them the best option.

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