Also known as block retaining walls, sentimental retaining walls are made with concrete masonry units. This type of retaining walls would be a great choice if you are thinking of having garden walls or retaining walls built in your lawn or garden because they are more affordable, attractive and a lot easier to install compared to other types of walls such as poured concrete walls.
Because they are made with same-sized masonry blocks, sentimental retaining walls are constructed quickly and easily through layering and stacking blocks. As a matter of fact, you can even choose to construct them yourself, especially if you have the proper equipment and some experience in sentimental wall design.
You can also choose from a variety of blocks that you can use to specifically create the overall look that you would like your wall to have. Many gardening and landscaping supply stores carry blocks of all sizes and shades. You can even choose to get blocks which are brown or gray if you would like a more natural look that can blend in with the rest of your garden.
If you are looking into having a sentimental retaining wall constructed, it would still be advisable to get the services of a professional landscaping designer or garden contractor, particularly if you want your wall to be quite high. This is because although the process of layering the blocks can be quite simple, there may be other technical features that need to be added to the wall to ensure its sturdiness and stability. For instance, some contractors and designers would recommend the use of pinning or tongue and groove features so the blocks can be locked into place and be prevented from sliding. Hiring a professional would also be better if you want to make your wall have a customized design which would work with the existing structure of your home.

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